Water for Life: Together, we did it!

 There were times when raising $92,000 for a clean-water well and tap system to bring potable water to the parched people of Kenya’s Mamiloki village area seemed a nearly impossible dream.   But you saw the opportunity to save lives and protect children, and you said yes. Yes to reaching out to people you don’t know and likely never will meet. Yes to a project that will bring life-saving benefit to God’s children halfway around the globe. Yes to Christ’s call to “Love one another as I have loved you.”   Together, we did it!  We have reached the $92,000 Water for Life goal! And, people of Immanuel, much of the thanks goes to you.    Yes, the members of Immanuel’s Kenyan Children’s Fund/Water for Life (KCF/WFL) committee visited other congregations, sought grants, hosted displays during synod events, sold purses and other items handmade by Kenyan artisans, hosted Water for Life Sundays and reached out to many people of faith to invite broad participation in the project. And yes, those efforts did prompt contributions not only from congregations and individuals in the Central States Synod, but also from people in Minnesota, California, Colorado, Texas and more. Plus, our partnership with Water Missions — the organization that drilled the well, is installing the tap system and will train the Mamiloki village people to maintain and repair it — led to an anonymous donation that put the project over the top.   But you, the people of Immanuel, always provided the core, ongoing support that kept the project on track.  That includes our wonderful Sunday School children, who brought their nickels and dimes, and encouraged us to contribute Change for Kenya.    Without all of you, there would be no Water for Life. But with you — thanks to you — generations of Kenyan children and families now will survive persistent drought and will face a brighter future.  That’s something to celebrate, so stay tuned for details about a celebration event.   As the fund-raising portion of the WFL project ends, the KCF/WFL team now is working with Water Missions (WM) to tie up loose ends, and monitor WM’s year-long training program for caring for the system and for helping the Mamiloki village people establish what we might refer to as a rural water cooperative. The WFL team also is reviewing needs for a repair reserve fund for the water system.   You can help a child
Most of all, the team now turns its attention to generating additional support for 45 poverty-stricken children who receive food, medical care and some education support through the Kenyan Children’s Fund.    If you already sponsor a child, go to to read reports that a Mamiloki village pastor/social worker submits about the children’s wellbeing. Look for your name next to your sponsored child’s name.    Per the KCF team’s request, each brief report emphasizes the child’s health, educational progress and living situation (homes listed as having “no improvement” would be considered uninhabitable in the U.S.). The reports also mention crops, which now may receive enough water to keep them from withering, and indicate whether goats are well kept. Additional sponsor donations paid for the goats, which provide milk and whose offspring can be sold for additional income.    Please note that several children currently have no sponsor. To sponsor a child for only $390/year or to get more information about sponsorship, contact John, or 913-381-2997.   Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have donated so generously in the past and to those who will respond now. The people of Kenya’s Mamiloki village area lift up prayers of thanksgiving for you every day.   

Gratefully, The Immanuel Kenyan Children’s Fund/Water for Life team       

Members of KCF

John Helgesen 

Jimmi Kimuyu

Peggy Dollard 

Janie Fee 

Michael Hamlin 

Mary Jo Moore 

Linda Fewell